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Original Superheroes Game [Apr. 16th, 2010|06:58 pm]
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In 1946, the aliens came to earth and brought with them a virus that changed everything. A virus designed to enhance the psychic powers of a race genetically identical to humans, the Wild Card virus created Earth's first metahumans, giving superpowers to aces, and deformities to jokers.

At first, aces were revered and jokers were hated. Both sides were seen as property – useful for the public good, or useful to beat up. No one thought long-term about what they meant to the world; everyone thought that the first generation would die and take their mutations with them.

But the wild card didn’t die out. Instead, they’ve been increasing, ever more of the population, ever more present.

Ever more useful, to those who think that way. Technology hasn’t caught up to the gifts that the wild card can give, yet. That’s the new arms race: to make your own wild cards, rather than wait for them to be born. Both the government and free science – if science can be said to be free in an age of corporate control – want that power.

Both are on the brink of achieving it.

It has been 150 years since the virus fell like rain over New York City and over the world.

People have adapted.

You can reach either of the mods via PM on IJ or by emailing us at wefloatmods@gmail.com. We are happy to chat as well--just send us an email so that we know when is best to reach you.

Thanks so much!
The Mods