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[Feb. 24th, 2011|04:33 pm]
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 How long Alanor has existed, no one is sure. The faerie have thrived here since what seems like the beginning of time. Faerie have existed for thousands of years, some fae remain while others have faded, replaced by new arrivals from the mortal realm. Magic grows as the population increases, and beings discover new power every day.

The Seelie Court is as it always has been, a mirror image of the shiny fairytales told to human children to lull them to sleep. Yet below the surface they are a culture drenched in decadence and blood. The Red Queen, the most violent of them all.

The Unseelie, comfortable in its nightmarish state, makes no amends to hide what they are: warriors and politicians, cutthroats and sadists. And their King Cel, though rivaled by many conspirators, rules his court with an iron fist and a cruel cunning that keeps his torture chambers full to the brim at any given moment.

You are faerie, and between the two courts you must choose. The Shining Throng? Or the Darkling Throng? Both courts lead to violence, love, and magic, but where will you fit in? Ascend to power or remain in mediocrity, the choice is yours -- for each path is a potentially deadly one.