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Aren't you tired of banners? (We are too.) [Jul. 3rd, 2010|11:19 am]
promote your site/community/yourself!
Ever wanted to play a superhero without having to be an X-Man? Love science-fiction without the spaceships? Interested in being a part of world building? Want to play a character of your own making?

We Float is set on an alternate Earth in the year 2096. In 1946, a virus was released on earth that changed everything. The Wild Card virus created Earth's first metahumans, giving superpowers to aces, and deformities to jokers.

At first, aces were revered and jokers were hated. Both sides were seen as property – useful for the public good, or useful to beat up. No one thought long-term about what they meant to the world; everyone thought that the first generation would die and take their mutations with them.

But the wild card didn’t die out. Instead, they’ve been increasing, ever more of the population, ever more present.

Ever more useful, to those who think that way. Technology hasn’t caught up to the gifts that the wild card can give, yet. That’s the new arms race: to make your own wild cards, rather than wait for them to be born. Both the government and free science – if science can be said to be free in an age of corporate control – want that power.

Both are on the brink of achieving it.

How do the powers actually WORK?
The way that powers work in WF is unique to this game. When the virus affects a person, it transforms them based on some known or hidden facet of their personality. (Not all characters will contract the virus-these characters are known as nats and have no powers.) This is the case for both aces, traditional superheroes with fantastic abilities, and for jokers, those who are deformed in some creative way. It is possible to draw a joker-ace—in this instance, the character has both power and deformity.

Here are two examples from our own game:
Katherine is a joker. She’s a conservative politician who previously fought against Wild Card rights due to her desire for continual re-election. Her joker is that her heart is completely blackened, impenetrable, and sitting on the outside of her body. Like many jokers, she hides her deformity.

Maxxie is an ace. She has the ability to teleport (or “blink”) to any object that she can see. Prior to contracting the virus, she was a gymnast and studied tae kwon do.

We have characters in game also who are latent and will express their own powers at some undetermined point during play.

How is the game played?
We play this game on InsaneJournal and allow players to set up rps in any manner they wish. Most of our players choose email or journal thread; however, that is not determined by the moderators. Characters are also able to write journal (or blog) posts and may communicate as they like, whether that be through email, letter, post-it… the opportunities are limitless, really.

What kinds of characters are you looking for?
We’re very open to any character concept. That includes interesting occupations or backstory. We’re also happy to work with you on creating a character- just send us an email at wefloatmods@gmail.com. Our players are extremely friendly and would love to see new talent in the game- there are definitely options for hanging a character off someone who already exists in our world.

In terms of what our players have specifically asked us to see more of, we have requests for female characters, jokers, and characters over 30. That said, we are happy to see all applications.

What kind of plots do you run?
Good question. We’re a very open game in terms of allowing players to generate plot. So much so, in fact, that we have an entire board for it. Our current roundup of major plots can be seen at: http://asylums.insanejournal.com/wf_plot/2692.html. (This doesn’t count the “Nerd Wars” that several characters seem to be perpetually engaging in. Hey- light-hearted plots deserve love too!)

Who are you people anyhow?
We’re an eclectic mix- some of us new to journal gaming, others pros. We live all over North America so there’s someone around in just about every time zone. We’re all open-minded, creative, and have good (well, we like to think so) senses of humor. While there will be a lot of intense drama in game, we believe strongly in keeping it out of our personal interactions and also in providing light moments to keep the game fresh and alive. You can’t have all-angst all the time, after all.

I’m not scared yet-so, how do I find out about the game?
There’s a few ways.

You don’t actually have to do all of the above to learn enough to join.

I’m a little more scared but getting kind of interested – how do I apply?

Cross-posted to everywhere we could find on the internet. Just think- if you app, we'll stop.