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Stonehythe: Original Fantasy - - - Just restarted! - SITE PROMOTERS! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Stonehythe: Original Fantasy - - - Just restarted! [Sep. 9th, 2010|12:53 pm]
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Is peace possible after Centuries of War?

The world of Azzaria has been at war for centuries, all because of a mysterious stone that was stolen by an Elf. Now things look set to change. The Imperial Emperor has been trying to negotiate peace between the four Races for several years, and now it seems that he has succeeded. As a result of the peace treaties several betrothals have been agreed upon to try and unite the Races. Of course, not everyone agrees with the decisions made by their rulers, including the betrothed themselves.

Azzaria is in a time of great change, join us as history is made when the Elves come face to face with the Imperial Lady set to change their lives forever. The Celtic Princess survived her trip to the Empire, but will the Celts be as welcoming to her betrothed?

Recent Restart

We have just tidied up the game and restarted on a brand new chapter of the RPG. This means that it is a great starting place for new members, with plenty of room for plottage and new characters! We also have quite a few different characters available ranging from rulers, mages, military commmanders and family and friends of existing characters.

What does Stonehythe offer?

* Detailed writing & character profiles.
* Four unique Races created specifically for this RPG.
* Lots of character diversity.
* Plenty of open places/important character positions still open i.e. military commanders, royal family, leader of the Healers, Leader of the Mages.
* A friendly ooc community.
* Player created plots/storylines.
* Easy to contact Admin.

Visit us at http://stonehythe.artisticchardon.com!