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Absit Omen: A Harry Potter RPG - SITE PROMOTERS! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Absit Omen: A Harry Potter RPG [Sep. 5th, 2011|11:34 am]
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A decade has passed since the Battle of Hogwarts. For most of the magical world, life after the end of the Second War was been relatively peaceful. But even the most optimistic witch or wizard knows that no peace can last forever.

As another school year comes to a close at Hogwarts, chatter has already begun about what the fall will bring. A Triwizard Tournament will bring new visitors to the school's hallowed halls, as students from Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, and the Salem Witches' Institute of Magic come to compete against Hogwarts finest. But there are whispers that not all is what it seems: that something or someone is planning to use the Tournament for a darker purpose.

Dark tides are beginning to pull beneath the surface of the adult world. A new terrorist group has begun launching attacks on the Ministry of Magic, intent on fighting for the rights of magical kind. As panic begins to grow, the Aurors are left scrambling, forced to choose between protecting their families or upholding the duties of their badge.

And elsewhere, there are hints of even darker shadows. There has never been a better time to whisper the old saying, Let there be no evil here.

Absit Omen: A Harry Potter RPG

Absit Omen is a Harry Potter play-by-post roleplaying game set in 2009. Writers may take up the part of original or canon characters from the Harry Potter series. For more information, visit our How to Join page.

Characters Needed: Hogwarts students, recent Hogwarts graduates, upcoming visitors for the Triwizard Tournament, Aurors, criminals, other Ministry workers, canon and original characters, and many more!